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One factor motivating our desire to expand into the retail wine world was to be able to provide our clients with the complete package – we would like you to be using Sotheby’s Wine not only for your wine purchases, at both auction and retail, but for all your wine requirements.

Below are some ideas of where our unique knowledge has been of most help, not only here at Sotheby’s, but also for family and friends.

Contact us to inquire about any of these services – just to chat for some friendly advice, or alternatively we can set up a more formal discussion  - whatever works for you.

Collecting Advice

If you have only just caught the wine collecting bug, or are a long time subscriber to our auction catalogues, a bit of outside advice can help refocus your efforts and maximize the value and quality of your collection. We can help with any collecting questions you have including:

- how to start a collection
- how to refine your collection (selling some wines you are not going to drink and filling in some gaps)
- what is ready for drinking and what needs more time in the cellar
- the types of wines more for drinking versus those which are more for investment


The easiest advice here would be to buy all your wine from us!

Unfortunately though, there is more to buying wine than just a large credit limit on your American Express. The right wines, from the top producers, in the correct vintages, from the best retailer or auction house, with proper storage and authentic provenance can be just a few of the variables involved in keeping your palate happy and investment in the black.

Let us help you navigate the endless combinations – we understand that people buy wine for different reasons, and some of these variables are more important than others for each of us. If you are just starting to fill that empty cellar in your new house, or your palate has evolved from Bordeaux to Burgundy, we can help you.


Running out of room? Got carried away and bought too much? Doctor on your case? We can maximize the value of wines you would like to sell. Send us a list of your wines, and we can provide prices, together with a proposal of how best to sell your collection. We make the process easy and can arrange inspection, packing and shipping to our temperature controlled warehouse.

Our wine team has seen all sorts of cellars – from multi-million dollar, individually bar coded collections to crawl spaces under basement stairs, and of course, the handy Eurocave. We know, how what started as a few bottles, can grow quickly out of hand. We can help organize your wines by region, vintage, by drink/keep, or any other way you choose. We manage a number of good collections, providing physical inventory, advice and valuation services. Contact us to discuss the best way we can assist you in getting better organized and the most from your collection.

Our favorite client is a drinking client.

We help organize lots of wine events, from small tastings to large dinners. Over the course of time, we have found that no two events are exactly the same, so we tailor each one to the specific requirements and budget. Whether you are a large corporation organizing a client event or just want to invite some friends over to drink some good wine, we will be happy to help you put it together – we have put on hundreds of events and know what works best and what to avoid. Examples of how we can help include:

- what wines to pair with a dinner
- which wines to pour at a large event or party
- advice on the serving temperatures, decanting and glassware